You Can Experience Open Heavens As They Did.

I was thinking about the great men and women in the Bible days that had relationships with God. I recalled they hardly were denied anything they asked from God and experienced the full manifestation of the power and presence of God.

Correlating it with our present day, I wonder why the shift in the Spirit despite the fact we equally serve God. 

  • Why are the sick still increasing in their number and dying around us?
  • Why is the church becoming worldly by turning the altar of God into an entertainment platform?
  • Why are our children lovers of the world rather than the Word?
  • Why the rise of divorce even in the church?
  • Why the prayer for revival and yet nothing?
  • Why do the wicked keep ruling and reigning and no Elijahs to stop them?
  • Why has wickedness and lack of compassion become a norm?

We pray, hold vigils, organize revival programs and engage in spiritual seminars, go to the street for evangelism, etc., yet sin keeps increasing in the church of God. The bitterness, anger, envy, lies, coldness, immorality, wickedness, selfishness, etc., is still worn as a garment by the Church. 

You pray to God and don’t get an answer, and you comfort yourself with “He will do it in His time.” You tell yourself to have more faith, or sometimes you think you prayed amiss.

Have you thought deeply about why your prayers are delayed, denied, or ignored?

Is there something you aren’t doing on your part, or is there something God wants you to know?

Imagine having a grown daughter/son who always expects you to do his/her bidding without doing what you expect or demand from him(Child). How will you feel as a parent? 

I bet a time will come that you will hardly find joy attending to that child’s need. 

Our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ said, ” If you abide in Him and His words abide in you, you shall ask what you will, and it shall be done unto you.” John 15 vs. 7.

God created you to give pleasure to Him, and when you do, He gives you what will equally provide you with joy. You give Him pleasure when you are a fruit-bearing believer. You cannot be in Christ, and your life will lack His fruit. Never!

This is practical, and I know it happens to any genuine believer of Christ. Anytime I experience spiritual and physical hindrance, I usually pause to find out what went wrong, and in my past experiences, more than 90 percent were my fault. I would have deviated or even stopped doing something God required from me. And the moment I readjust, I experience bliss and open heaven.

Bearing godly fruit and maintaining it irrespective of the degeneration in the world is a sure and only way of abiding in Christ Jesus and receiving anything you ask of Him.

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