You Need To Climb To The Mountain.

Many Christians of today, when they read the Bible or read good books like God’s Generals, admire the great characters who walked with God and were used by Him. Reading about these great men would have made you yearn and hunger for God daily.

Who wouldn’t want to walk with and work for God!

Spiritual hunger is a gift. It’s a sign that you’re alive in the spirit and desire growth. Lack of hunger keeps a lot of Christians in a danger zone because they aren’t hungry enough to be pushed onto their feet to act. 

Spiritual hunger is a fire that burns. It can only be quenched when you feed it.

Hunger pushes you to do two things; either feed your appetite or sleep with it.

After the 40 days of fasting of Jesus, as detailed in Matthew chapter 4, you’ll notice the great crowd that thronged on Him for healing and His teaching about the Kingdom.

Moving forward to chapter 5, verse 1, after seeing the crowd, He went up into a mountain and was ready to dish out the mystery of the kingdom. 

The group of people who climbed and came to Him were only His disciples and not the multitude. The multitudes had gotten what they needed from Jesus. Having a relationship with Him wasn’t their need; they were interested only in what Jesus had to offer them for their benefit.

Coming to Jesus Christ for a walk and relationship is never by God’s selection but by your choice.

When Jesus went up to the mountain, He never selected those who should come up to where He was. Amongst the multitudes, the only people who chose to hear more of the Words of life were those who decided to be disciples.

Those who are hungry, want to be fed, and desire a walk with God must climb up.

God walks with those who have made themselves available and are willing to go the extra mile with Him.

His mysteries and secrets are for those who are up with Him on the mountain.

In your hunger for God, add action.

No great men and women, either past or present, used by God were lazy.

The mysteries and secrets of the kingdom are revealed to disciples of Jesus Chris,t and to know these; you must climb the mountain to be where Jesus is seated. 

And the first requirement needed is SALVATION which you get by genuinely accepting and confessing Jesus Christ as your Lord and personal Saviour, renouncing and forsaking your sinful lifestyle.

Then you start climbing the mountain of higher ground and a deeper relationship with God by;

  • A deliberate, constant daily communication with God through prayer and reading His Word.
  • Tarry in His presence by Fasting and night vigils. 
  • Doing God’s written and spoken commandments.

You can be a great and honored vessel like the great men and women who walked with God and were used by Him and for His Kingdom.

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