Jesus assured us through the scriptures that we would do more outstanding work than He did. But the secret of us doing works like Him and even greater lies in doing what He usually does before executing excellent results.

Our Lord Jesus Christ did great works through thanksgiving, proclamation, and commandment. 

He would always thank God for the situation and for hearing Him always or instead commands the turning around of the problem.

His disciples were in constant awe of all the wonders He did. They were amazed at how He prayed and His consistency in praying. But there was something that interested and surprised them more about the ministry of Jesus Christ.

No wonder they requested He should teach them that which is how to pray.

The Bible recorded how Jesus woke up a great while every morning and went into a solitary place to pray.

Jesus did this constantly by communicating and tarrying in the presence of His Father. 

That solitary place was a place of Consecration, Refreshing, and Empowering.

It was a place of going deeper and deeper in and with God.

When the day breaks and daily activities begin with Jesus, any problem brought to Him, He gives thanks to the Father or instructs the issues to give way or reaffirm the faith exercised by the people towards Him. At other times, He never said a word, but His garment and laying of hands did great work in the people’s lives.

If we must give thanks to the Father in the open, our solitary place with the Father must be our priority.

The successful daily works of Jesus Christ in His earthly ministry were linked to His constant solitary place with His Father.

If we must be successful in life and ministry, then our solitary place with the Father MUST be constant.

Jesus had an altar called ‘An Altar of Solitary Place With the Father.’ 

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