The Crowd.

It was a crusade hosted by a very influential Pastor. As a result, the attendance was overwhelming and the crowd enormous. I happened to pass by at the same time the service ended and, as expected, was engulfed by the crowd that poured out from the venue. 

As we made our way through the narrow road, I sensed a stirring in my spirit. I looked around me and saw people in pairs or alone. They appeared to be discussing the service or pondering it. No one seemed to mind me.

“Isn’t it amazing? Anyone who sees me now will think I am one of these people,” I said. They might even ask me what the service was about, and I have no idea what to say.

The Voice in my heart responded. Even the people you are walking with believe you are one of them. The fact that you are in their midst sends the first impression that you are one of them, and that misconception can only be cleared by a conversation that might not even happen. You know in your heart that you are not one of these people, but how does it seem to the one who sees you? This is the power of being in the wrong place. And this is why a true child of God must walk very carefully.

It continues; this is the literal aspect of walking with the wrong crowd. There are so many other ways people get lost in the wrong crowd; the way you speak, dress, behave and relate generally. What kind of crowd does it represent? Can it be associated with the body of Christ or the world? If one calls oneself a child of God and is wearing the wrong attire, such a person is in the same position as you. Anyone who sees them draws a conclusion they might be unable to correct. 

For instance, as a child of God, if you are always out with friends that take alcohol, womanize, etc. Even though you are different from them, you are easily classified with the group. The Bible wasn’t wrong about fleeing from every appearance of evil. You might be unable to explain that it is not what it looks like. You must be careful and mindful of what you do as a Christian; people see you. 

“Well then, “I said,” I am glad this group is not the wrong type of people anyways.

Now while writing the line above, 

“Alright, supposing it is the right crowd,” the Voice says again. But you know within yourself that you were not a part of that crowd. You might have appeared to someone on the outside as part of those who just left the presence of God, but God knows you are a stranger to Him. God knows that too.

You can pride yourself in being a Christian, dressing like one, speaking like one, behaving like one, and even being in the midst of them but deep inside and also in the eyes of God, it is well established that you are not one. What do you say to that?”


You must be very careful and mindful of what you do as a Christian; God sees you. And that is even the most important.

Dear child of God, I hope you learned with me from this experience:

You cannot be a child of God and yet enjoy the company of the wrong crowd in behavior, appearance, or speech; neither are you a child of God just because you are seen appearing, behaving, or speaking like one.

God alone distinguishes you, and when He does, you will appear, behave and speak as one and have The Holy Spirit as a witness in you that you are a true child of God.

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