Don’t Be A Vashti To Your King.

Vashti was a beauty to behold, and for king Ahasuerus, she was one of the wonders of his kingdom.

King Ahasuerus was super proud of his wife, Vashti. That was why when he got intoxicated with wine, the only thing that could preoccupy his mind at that moment was his wife’s beauty And how he needed to show the world this glorified beauty of a wife.

King Ahasuerus experienced the worst embarrassment, insult, and dishonor before all his subordinates when he sent for his wife, the queen, and she refused to come.

That act of dishonor by Vashti caused her to lose her place in the kingdom.

Queen Vashti was busy with the women when her husband, the king, sent for her. She was so engrossed in the meeting with the women that she couldn’t excuse herself to attend to the king’s calling.

Her meeting was more important than the king’s call.

On her scale of preference, the women’s meeting was ranked first before her husband.

Queen Vashti lost her place of purpose, power, authority, and glory.

Today, many like Vashti are being replaced with another because of their dishonor towards the King.

They have refused the calling of the King of glory because of excuses, yet they want to enjoy satisfaction, peace, and glory.

Have the King of kings been calling you? But You reject His calls because you’re in a meeting with hurt, inferiority complex, resentment, pride, unforgiveness, immorality, selfishness, or you are busy with other personal work to which you have placed a higher value than His assignment, or you are playing when He wants you to pray.

Please leave that meeting and answer the call today.

He’s calling you to display His beauty and glory in you.

He’s calling you so that others will see His wonders and their lives affected through you.

He’s calling you so that you can fulfill your purpose.

He’s calling to give you peace and abundant life.

The King of kings will wait for no man forever. He’s the King of times and seasons. He never lacks a man to get things done. He’s so creative that if no man can do the assignment, He can make an Ox get it done. That’s how innovative and influential the King of glory is.

Your King, the King of kings, is calling.

Any further refusal or delay can replace you.

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