Cooperative Builders.

One of the first steps required during building construction is adequate preparation. No building has ever been completed without preparation. At the preparatory stage, there must be an agreement amongst the construction workers and during the building process.

Life is a building process that requires cooperative builders.

A successful student achieves success with the help of teachers he cooperated with, irrespective of their teaching techniques.

Organizations with progress can function because of cooperation.

Cooperative partners build an admirable and harmonious marriage.

You would have heard words like ‘It’s my life, so I choose to live it as I want.’ ‘This is who I am, and I can’t change for anybody.’ ‘I have chosen this path, and there’s nothing you or anybody can do about it.’ 

And many more destructive statements like the above are often used by stubborn, depressed, negative, strong-willed, frustrated people who can still be helped.

Sometimes people hardly see progress in their lives due to outright rejection or neglect of the life-building materials at their disposal. They feel they do not need any material outside of their crafted materials.

The worst thing to anyone is to position yourself to be dreaded by anyone and everyone around you.

You are being dreaded not as a result of God putting the fear of you on others as His child but fear of the venomous poison of words and reactions you release at every advice or correction.

The building materials everyone needs to have for a progressive and fulfilling life aside from frequent self-examinations are good counsel, correction, and rebuke.

As children of God, we cannot neglect the place of God’s Word and His Spirit, which is fundamental.

Everything God did was to leave a footprint for us to put our feet in His so that we would never miss the way.

The creation of the world and man was done by cooperative builders – God, His Word, and His Spirit.

If we must have and live a purposeful and treasure-filled life, we must comply and cooperate with our builders.

You, as a builder, cannot build your life alone. You need God and other human agents He brings your way like your parents, lecturers, leaders, siblings, pastors, spouse, employers, employees, colleagues, and even children.

You don’t measure progress in life by currency. Progress is made complete by the virtues and values added in you and your impact on the lives of those your path has crossed.

You are on a destructive path if you aren’t making progress in life and haven’t discovered your purpose. Align yourself with your builders and be cooperative.

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