How Treasured Is Your Treasure?

I have held some things so dear to my heart at different times, though I don’t use or have those things anymore. As time progressed, I disposed of them and replaced them with much better ones.

Now, as I look back, I realise that I never really treasured those things I had thought were treasures. Because if I did, I would still have them in my possession or remember them, but I don’t.

What is a Treasure?

A treasure is a valuable item.

Treasure can be a person who is so loved and cherished.

There is a country in Asia where the box of jewellery is passed from a mother to her daughter on her wedding day; it continues to the next generation and the next. Seeing how these valuable items were preserved for another to have is beautiful. 

Today, some historical paintings are worth millions of pounds, dollars, and euros. It may look ugly to you, but the origin and worth are undoubted of great value. 

Some valuable items are kept in a safe house or the bank.

Are all valuables or precious items tagged with monetary significance? The answer is, No! Some treasures cannot be bought or sold because no price can equal their value.

A treasure is kept, preserved, and cherished always.

Relationships that should be preserved and cherished are broken because one or both parties didn’t treasure them. Sometimes selfishness and being a control freak over another, who becomes uncomfortable with it, has made us see a cherished person as worthless simply because they refused to give in to our demands.

Do you still treasure your spouse or have anger, offences, bitterness, unforgiveness, or have other men/women replaced them in your heart that sometimes you wished it was another you got married to?

Remember, this was the person you once couldn’t wait any longer to share your life with them because you treasured them. What went wrong? 

Where are the love, affection, and desire?

Is your relationship with God still on the smooth lane, or have you taken over the wheels and diverted to another route?

Is your altar for God still burning and glowing? 

When was the last time you heard Him speak to you? 

Can you still recognise His voice when He speaks to you?

Do you still have encounters with the Holy Trinity, or is it a one-time affair?

His promises and counsels to you, can you vividly remember them, or have you forgotten them because you never bothered to pen them down or rehearse them till they sunk deep into you? You simply cannot remember because they weren’t a treasure to you.

Whatever you can’t let go of, neglect, dishonour is a treasure to you. 

If your heart is filled with peace, love, joy, and a beautiful relationship with God, that’s your treasure because you cannot maintain, nurture, or keep what you don’t treasure.

In the same way, if your life is saturated with hate, bitterness, anger, etc., that’s also your treasure.

Anything or person not treasured will soon be forgotten, lost, and easily replaceable.

What are your treasures?

How precious is your treasure to you?

How treasured is your treasure to you?

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