When You Feel Insufficient!

Do you often feel that you’re not measuring up?

In the bible, there are several laws and commandments or instructions that God gave to man to live by, which some persons might find to be burdensome or grievous, but not to the ones who rely on the grace Jesus brought to mankind (1st John 5:3).

While many may not be perturbed about how they live up to these instructions, others who find themselves caught up on the side of shortcomings may want to hear this:

■God is pleased to see us through every journey, step by step until we meet the mark.

■It is okay to encounter some rough paths along the journey which may throw you out of the line but it is very important not to rest at that point. 

■That an individual has successfully crossed a particular road severally doesn’t mean he can always cross it.

In this Christian journey, the paths, victories, and defeats are familiar but not always.

Israel was familiar with winning battles and returning victorious until the Philistines defeated them.

Never be familiar with victories even when you have lost guard but always rely on God’s mercy and grace.


■You must be sincere enough to know and accept a moment where you have missed a step and make haste to set things right.

■We must realise the unbeatable place of God’s grace and make ourselves beneficiaries of that grace by opening up ourselves to the workings of His grace.

■Allow God and His word to be your companion.

There is no judgement with Him. He listens completely and allows you freedom to express yourself, then in turn he finds a way out and gets you going again.

■Your weakness is an avenue for God to show his strength (2 Corinthians 12:9-10)

When you feel you’re not measuring up, try using this formula:

Insufficient You plus God’s sufficient Grace equals a complete personality in Christ.

Me➕God ???? I am Complete in Him

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