Beating The Devil At His Game.

The Bible clearly informes us concerning offence in the book of Luke 17:1.

Offence is a sure plug for every human notwithstanding how careful or extra-careful one tries to be. Everyone desires absolute peace within and without. Irrespective of how we strive for peace, there comes a moment when we will be offended.

Offence can come through anyone. It could be your family, friend, colleague or even a stranger and it can also come through anything.

Being offended is not the problem, what matters is how you react to the offence when it comes. 

A lot of things can cause offence. It could be related to how people talk, react, school work, stress, work environment, delayed or unanswered prayer, unachieved goals etc.

A Christian mother and I were discussing and she told me how her mind gets affected with offence whenever she embarks on a spiritual exercise. And once her mind is filled with offence she usually does not continue the program.

A brother complained the same problem too with offence. And it usually happens when he is in a spiritual exercise and once his mind is affected he abbots the program.

Are you also experiencing such disconnection in the spirit as a result of offence?

There are few things believers and disciples of Christ should know about the tricks of the devil. 

The devil has perfect hatred for peace and unity, that’s why marriage is always his target and wherever people are together.

Ignorance of this makes couples fight each other forgetting that their enemy is the devil.

Always know that the devil is very much aware when you want to engage in a spiritual exercise be it as an individual, family or group of persons.

  • He knows that if anybody ever engaged in a spiritual exercise with God, that person cannot remain the same.
  • He’s very much aware that s(he) will give him more unrest. 
  • The devil is pretty aware how more equipped you will be after your time with God. 
  • He’s aware how more informed you’ll be.
  • He knows there’s always a shift in the spirit realm. 
  • For the couples, he knows the power of unity. He knows that unity produces exponential results. Because scriptures say that 1 person will chase 1000, but 2 people chase 10,000. That’s 1000% higher effectivity. 
  • And most importantly, he knows you’ll become more attached to God.

Attachment to God means detachment from him(devil). 

So he(devil) wins by simply making your mind affected and filled with offence, anger, bitterness, resentment towards the offender which automatically weakens you to continue your scheduled spiritual exercise with God.

Hey! That’s a trick to distract you.

Hello! Has the devil distracted you severally or is he distracting you right now and you have no idea what’s wrong?

Don’t be distracted. Push that distraction away and still continue your scheduled meeting with God. I bet you’ll always be glad you did.

The real power in life is not just having knowledge but applying the knowledge you’ve acquired.

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