Start Again and Get it Right

Some days ago I boarded the train with a friend to a particular place, but before we boarded the train we noticed something was wrong with the train service but we weren’t too sure. He suggested we use the bus, but that meant waiting longer. So I refused by convincing him and we took the train.

Unfortunately, after setting out on the journey, it was aborted because of those issues we noticed earlier. 

Subsequently, we realized that using the bus was the best option. “But Ah, we already started the journey,” I said with so much regret.

“What do we do?” I asked.

We had to return to our departure point by lighting from our train and boarding one going in the opposite direction. We did this because we had to get the bus to our original departure point. We finally reached our destination even though it cost us more time and money. 

As you walk through life, if you discover that you’re not on the right track,  it is okay to go back and start afresh which is not quite a good experience everyone wants but happens to be the best.

It may have cost you time, money, energy, or other but if it will not lead you to the future that is best for you then please just like I did, retrace your steps. Then find out how best to get to your destination. I’m sure from that point you’ll find the best route to your future.

Do not look at what you’ve lost on that road or the amount of time you’ve invested but set your hope on what you’ll gain afterwards.

Think of the joy, happiness, the fulfillment rewards that will be all yours just by retracing your step and walking in that path God has chosen for you.

Mary the mother of Jesus wasn’t called Blessed by being intimate with her husband and producing a child. She walked in the path God chose for her.

After being informed by the Angel, she had the right to refuse the offer but she understood that there is pleasure being in the will of God. 

That career path, marriage, decision, pursuit, business, contract, friend, etc are they in the will of God for your life?

Do you see yourself walking into the future God wants for you with that decision?


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