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In, Yet Shut Out.

She only asked a question and got the reply she never bargained for. The punishment that followed came as a shock to them. That taught others a lesson never to speak against or doubt the calling of God upon Moses. Better to be mute and be in than to speak against and be shut out.

Miriam was visited with leprosy and shut out from the camp for seven days. It was a moment of shame, agony, pain, regrets, and repentance. Thanks be to God, who had mercy on her by giving her a second chance to right her wrong. 

The vessel she spoke against interceded and cried out to God on her behalf. God heard and honored his request but still insisted she serves her punishment for seven days. After the seven days were over, she was cleansed and received again into the camp of God’s people.

It was a humiliating experience for Miriam. She would have wished she could turn back the hand of the clock in order not to question God rudely or speak against God’s chosen vessel. She learned the hard way. We never heard the voice of Miriam again till her death.

But has the experience of Miriam taught children of God lessons? 

Unfortunately, we still have people who speak against God’s chosen vessel. They may do it in secret or openly. They do this for reasons such as age, race, status, envy, or even because they are from a different denomination of worship. However, none of these can be a justifiable reason before God.

God may not be timely in carrying out an immediate open judgment on people as He did to Miriam, but that doesn’t mean He never repays men for the wrong they do.  

God’s anointed vessel may be younger than you, not eloquent in speech, may have some obvious flaw, is not gender-selective, etc. But that doesn’t still change God’s appointment and calling for service on them. 

The last time God checked, He was the maker of them all.

When last did you examine yourself?

Could what you’re passing through be God’s will? Is it an attack from the devil? or is it what you brought upon yourself?

You may not be leprous or shut out like Miriam but can be suffering yet in the camp of the Lord.

In the presence of men, you can be seen to be among those working for God, but before God, you are shut out from His camp.

Examine yourself if you’re still in the camp of God or if you’ve been shut out.

God still forgives once you run to Him with a sincere heart for mercy.

We must be careful how we speak about God’s anointed vessels. God fights for them, and He surely wins any war He enters.

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