In His Will ( Note To Singles)

What comes to mind when we think about the ‘will of God’ especially in matters that are as consequential as choosing a life partner?

To some it’s a game of players, to others it’s a game of luck while to others it’s a gift that only God gives and so they wait on him.

Why is it that many people are called by God genuinely but at the time of choosing a life partner they go dine with the devil? Some go to the extent of hunting for ‘treasures’ in the devil’s garden. How sad!

The point of choosing a life partner is a very crucial moment in the life of any individual who wants to see God at the end of life here on earth. This is the reason the devil begins to play an unheard music seeking to lure the soul of the lustful, greedy and weak. He immediately arranges all his sons and daughters for a parade with the soul of that child of God as his target.

Unfortunately for him but fortunately for the child of God who is single-eyed and wholly dependent on their Father in heaven, never falls a victim.

Those who are never content with what they have or what God has to offer them often fall victims and they lose at the end of the day. Godliness with contentment will always be great gain (1 Timothy 6:6).

What could an anointed young minister be searching for in the devil’s field, A young Jezebel Who will look after God’s flock? That’s an aberration!
Little wonder many children of God started well but ended in a mess. Many had blossoming ministries and callings until they found the devil’s daughters and their ministries collapsed.
May what you call a blessing not be the cause of your downfall, Amen.

May I bring to your notice dear waiting brother or sister that “Inside your vision, ministry and purpose lies your partner not outside”.

Clear that mindset of when he or she comes, he or she will learn to conform to the vision.
If you didn’t find him or her inside your purpose, then think yourself to be an amateur magician.

If you are a person of purpose and you go as far as finding a life partner who has little or no connection with your purpose, thinking to intimate him/her when the time comes, then you haven’t any vision attached to your purpose. Why? If the goal is not met, of what use is the purpose?

Always keep to heart that,
You cannot find treasures in the devil’s garden.
Your partner can only be found inside your vision, ministry and purpose.

Keep to heart that God must be in the center of knowing and finding his will in the matter of choosing a life partner.

Till I write to you again, let us run with purpose, keeping in mind the will of our Father.

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