The Beast

Recently there has been countless hurtful and disgusting news that make the headlines. Aside from the natural disasters, there have been man-made disasters caused by a beast.

This beast is responsible for the violence in families, organizations and unfortunately, this beast has gained entry to the Church of God because it was allowed.

Once this beast comes around or is awakened, it takes control of the environment and the individual.
The presence of this beast is the total absence of peace.
It has ruined healthy relationships, destroyed marriages, left humans with regrets and pains.

The word Beast is usually a word used for a dangerous animal but when a human is referred to as a Beast then, such a person behaves in a violent, anti-social or uncivilized manner.

Have you ever done or said something in anger or do you know any who has taken an action while angry?
What happens afterwards?
Nothing but Regrets! Regrets! Regrets!

Even when an apology is made it cannot erase the actions done or words spoken in anger.
Anger is a beast that if not dealt with will definitely deal with the individual which can lead to injury or even physical and spiritual death.

Anger is a beast and once you allow it to take control of you you become a beast because at that moment you are dangerous in words and actions and uncivilized.

This beast has no respect for persons irrespective of your status as a child of God or not.
Everyone must work

Are you trapped with this beast called anger?
Do you want to be free?
The solution is not just a human therapist but a divine Therapist.
Come to God through His Son Jesus Christ and surrender wholesomely for The Holy Spirit to possess your being.

With constant reading the Word of God, meditation on His Word and prayer, you will trap this beast.

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