The Gift And The Giver.

“Whoever loves father or mother or son or daughter more than me is not fit to be my disciple.

Matthew 10:37 TPT.

The minister asked a question in the church, and I quote, “What is the thing you love most in life?” And he went further by saying, “…think before you answer”. But I bet you that before he ended his words, I already pictured my family and answered his question silently in my mind.

And I think this goes for the majority of people.

Family is all we have and is equally the strength attached to our lives. When we take away family, we have no power to live anymore to many of us. 

So in the above scripture, Jesus had to use the family as the object of his teaching, considering what family meant to everyone. Yet, he said if anyone is found to love any of the gifts he gave above Him, the individual is not worthy of Him.

It could be the gift of family, possessions, physical or intellectual endowment, one’s job, etc.

God has made specific provisions for us in life as a loving Father to be comfortable but not with the intent that the provisions should be preferred or loved more than the provider.

The devil makes us look like ungrateful people in the sight of God by pulling our attention in the direction of the gifts God has provided and distracting us from his loving arm. Never align with him on this.

God has great plans and thoughts for His children, but humans often keep proving to God that his blessings stir up the Jeshurun in them.

Gifts from God are perfect and have no sorrow attached to them. Therefore, they are not meant to draw us away from God or steal our attention from God. 

When we build an impregnable relationship with God, every other thing comes secondary because as we grow in love with Him, material things mean less to us and occupy a tiny place in our hearts.

To be worthy of Him, you must prove your love for Him above all.

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