Marriage Is For Sharers

During a group discussion, a lady said before she accepts any man’s marriage proposal, he
must be willing to follow her rules because she has big dreams. While she was still
speaking, someone asked her a question, what about your husband’s dream? How would
you fit in to also see that he achieves his own dreams? Her reply was filled with self-

It’s good to have dreams and pursue them until you’ve achieved your big win. Once you’ve
made up your mind to join another and be present in their lives, know that you are saying
yes to their dreams too and not yours alone.
You can’t be only interested in your affairs ignoring the affairs of your partner.

Selfishness simply means lack of consideration for other people or
seeking/concentrating on one’s own advantage, pleasure, welfare, regardless of

This trait can be inbuilt or one can be influenced by company or environment.
Have you noticed how some little children wouldn’t want to share anything of theirs with
another even when what they are having in their possession was given by the person who is
requesting for some share? Secondly, they will always want you to share whatever you
Aside from an inbuilt trait, these children also learn very fast by observation.

Marriage is all about sharing.
Sharing your time, ideas, plans, food, bed, room, space, resources, purposes, money
and body.
Hey beloved! If you aren’t ready to share please don’t enter into this school called
marriage yet.
Marriage is for sharers not for the selfish.

The bible said if you’re not faithful in small things, how can you be faithful in the big things?
Put it this way, if you find it hard to share your food, knowledge, how do you think it will be
possible and easy to share your time, room space, and bed?

Are you always happy and eager to share others’ time, food, resources and money? But you
keep yours and even hide it and when it comes to light that you have what others need, you
get irritated and angry to share.
Begin to practice the act of sharing amongst your family, friends, colleagues and even
Note: Never share a bed that will be defiled.
Remember; marriage is honourable, the bed undefiled.

Are you married and all you are concerned about is you and your family alone? You don’t
care about your spouse or the family of your spouse, you are on the pathway of self

You are only interested in the advancement of your career and not bothered about your
When you are sick, you want all the love and attention but when your spouse is sick, you
water down how they feel and get about your business.
You want your spouse to satisfy you when you feel horny but when they feel horny you give
excuses or kill that desire with your words or actions.
Anything you need or feel like doing you go ahead with your plans without considering how
your partner feels or considering their suggestions and contributions.
You say whatever you want to say without considering the feelings of your spouse but when
it comes to you, you want your spouse to speak with kindness and understanding.

Most marriages are shattered because of a continuous practice of selfishness and a lot of
young people are unaware of this deadly disease.
Selfishness is rude and deadly. It breeds ingratitude, prioritises oneself, doesn’t accept
mistakes, lack of understanding, taking all decisions by themselves, hurt, disrespect and

Are you a young wo(man), who is close to this journey called marriage? Remember
marriage is for sharers and not for the selfish.

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