Mothers or Murderers? Part 3

Have you seen or heard about a dog or a horse who understands its owner when they speak and every instruction irrespective of the medium of language used? You may not have seen any but maybe you would have watched a CIA movie. Watch how the dog goes in search of a hideout of a drug or missing dead body.

What you have watched on screen or heard about a dog is not magic. It’s real. The dog was intensively trained by its owner. It was trained to behave in a well mannered and organised way whether in the present or absence of its owner. 

Your child(ren) is an intelligent being and more intelligent than the dog or horse.

Science tells us that Children’s brains develop in spurts called critical periods. The first occurs around age 2, with a second one occurring during adolescence. At the start of these periods, the number of connections (synapses) between brain cells (neurons) doubles. Two-year-olds have twice as many synapses as adults. Because these connections between brain cells are where learning occurs, twice as many synapses enable the brain to learn faster than at any other time of life. 

Therefore, children’s experiences in this phase have lasting effects on their development. 

This first critical period of brain development begins around age 2 and concludes around age 7. It provides a prime opportunity to lay the foundation for a holistic education for children.

There’s no formula in building and training your child(ren) in love. Mothers are dynamic and unique. Always rely on God to give you that right key and wisdom for every seed He’s blessed you with.

As a mother if you desire your child(ren) to be loving, you must see that you build and train them into it. You must be intentional and careful not to teach them otherwise.

They must be thought to love God, His Word and His presence. And what better way can they be taught this? It can only be when they constantly watch you commune with God and read His Word. Getting them to join you whenever you’re having time with God is a great idea. 

As you and their Dad shows them love and affection, they reciprocate such towards you both. Teach them how to demonstrate love amongst themselves

They also observe how you relate with others who are acquaintances or strangers.

Children learn more by observation and that’s why parents must be careful never to argue, disagree or even fight before these little precious ones. 

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