A Letter To Millennial Mothers

Dear mother, do you know what it means to lead an ’empty’ soul?
Do you know what a noble task that is?
Do you know how important it is?
God sent you an ‘empty’ soul to fill and you are taking it lightly? Do you know the level of accountability involved?

God has prepared each child for a particular purpose, you are to help them find and nurture it. But that child comes with an empty sense of self and value.

While you were preparing for pregnancy,
While you learned more about babies and their growth,
While you were purchasing the clothes of your dreams for your child.
While you were preparing for the school, the school to send your child,
Did you take out time to learn about the mental and psychological stages of growth of children?
How much time did you dedicate to intentionally learning how to develop their value system?

Or are your ideas of motherhood limited to food, clothing and school?

Are you on the phone so much that your little child watching you now believes that phone is part of the essence of life? The rate at which babies go after phones nowadays is alarming. A child doesn’t have to reach nine months before the child wants nothing else but your phone, and knows exactly what to do with it.

Can your child reach for the bible and be as enthusiastic as when he/she takes your phone?

Dear millennial mother,
That child who does not know anything yet, looks up to you. It is your responsibility to develop his/her sense of self around the right things; morals, service to God and humanity, good virtues.

Help them learn that their true beauty and confidence comes, not from the beautiful clothes or the number of shoes they have, but from the things they can do for God, themselves and for others. Make that more important for their self esteem.

There is an alarming sense of insecurity and low confidence among the young people today, and that is made worse by the level of flamboyance in social media, most of which are far from the reality. They are simply the work of grossly insecure people whose confidence and esteem revolve around flashy and material things. They have defined their values according to those things alone.

They do not speak with the enemy at the gate on your behalf anymore, rather they join the enemies at the gate to speak against you.
You must prepare your child against that and more, you must raise a child that will battle that ideology.

Be very intentional about teaching your child that true sense of values come from service to God, appreciating and developing your self, respect, love and kindness to others.

This way, we will raise a physically, mentally and spiritually healthy child.
And most importantly, when you account for that child, you will not be found guilty.
May God give us the wisdom to accomplish this.

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