The Lady V

Lady V, was a very beautiful woman that every man would love to hold and have as his wife for life. She had a beautiful shape, dressed smartly, was very intelligent and coordinated.
Lady V needed no one to tell her how beautiful she was, she knew it.

Luckily, she married a woman’s man. A very wealthy man who had everything and could give his woman anything she so desired. He was a man of wealth, status and affluence. A generous and considerate man. He was a boss of his own and had subordinates who looked up to him.

Yes! Money shouldn’t be your priority when accepting a man’s proposal in marriage nevertheless, every woman would jump for joy if her man, aside from other good qualities, is wealthy.
In other words, Lady V was blessed.

Lady V could go anywhere, purchase anything, cook and eat anything, drink any expensive wine of her choice, she had house helpers who were there to run errands for her. She was really blessed.

Lady V, was hanging out in her home with some women when her husband needed her presence immediately. But she declined his request in the presence of all.
That one act caused her her place in her home. She was immediately replaced with another that she was better than in beauty and perhaps class.

Going through Esther 1, made me rethink over and over again how someone can be replaced and it feels like nothing happened.
Queen Vashti, lost her place as a wife, queen and women leader.

The word submission is so irritating to hear in today’s world, while the word feminism has become well accepted by all even the ‘believers of Christ’ . Women craving for equality didn’t start today.

Queen Vasthi was the first woman to practice the word feminism and it cost her her place as a wife, queen and a women leader. She felt equal in headship with her husband. She’s meeting with her women as he is meeting with his men so why calling her out of hers.

She was in a meeting with her women when she was sent for by the King. She was to leave everything she was doing and attend to her husband’s call. He knew his wife wasn’t sick or in the kitchen. He knew she would be with her women when he sent for her.

Many women of today will say to their husbands;
“I have my life to live, just as you have yours so respect my privacy.”
“How can I be in a meeting and you expect me to answer your call?”
“We are both partners in this marriage so there’s nothing like you being the head.”
“I’m a career woman so don’t expect to always have me around when you need me.”

Queen Vashti didn’t only disrespect her husband before her women but in the presence of the 127 provinces governed by her husband. This also reveals the kind of woman she was when she’s alone with her husband.

If you want to be served the meal of love excessively then serve the meal of respect your husband loves to eat and can never get enough of.

Disrespect is a homewrecker. It was introduced by Queen Vashti and it cost her her place.

Have you lost your place in the heart of your husband?
Goodnews, you can get it back through respect and fervent prayer.

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