Dear Mother, You Can.

I read somewhere about the mother hen. The mother hen always leads her young chicks ‘away’ from danger. I got so fascinated with that statement. My fascination led me to become determined and obsessive about proving this statement right every time.

As a result, it always came to my mind whenever I see a hen with newborn chicks, I observed that the mother hen always saw and moved at a safe distance from any perceived danger. As the perceived danger comes closer, she makes a sound and starts to move, until she is in what she considers a safe environment. Anytime she hears a weird sound, she becomes observant and if she feels uncomfortable, she stands and moves. Sometimes I go close, purposely stopping intermittently. All the time, her eyes are on me and the moment I get too close for her comfort, or I linger more than necessary, she picks up and moves. I discovered one striking character:

A mother hen does not take risks when it comes to leading her chicks away from danger. Not a chance. She moves the moment she sees any semblance of danger and until they are far away from that, she doesn’t stop, not even to feed..

Dear mother,
Could it be that you have taken unreasonable risks, time without number, in leading your children away from danger? How many red flags have you ignored around your children?
The clothes you buy them,
the hairstyle you make on them,
the schools you send them to,
the things you let them watch on the TV or your phones,
the friends that flock around them,
Worst of all, the things they see you do.
How many of these can you honestly say do them more good than harm?

There are so many things you can’t avoid because of the society we are in, but there is a whole lot you can avoid.
Only do not take chances when you observe them, any hesitation to correct wrongs could be fatal.

Dear Mother, it can be done. You can lead your children away from evil through these means:

  1. Even before you conceive, dedicate yourself and your seed to God. God does not abandon anything You commit to Him. His eyes will always be on that child and He will preserve that child in your absence.
  2. Speak to the child in your womb, anytime you can, speak. Don’t stop speaking. Whether you feel the baby hears or not, speak. What you speak often, you start to believe, and when you believe, it becomes part of you and you reflect it and as the child grows, it becomes part of him/her too.
  3. While the child is still dependent on you for moral guidance, while you are his/her everything, speak the truth you want the child to know, avoid exposure to things that corrupt, send them to schools with moral standing.
  4. Rebuke when necessary and always appreciate/reward them when they’ve done something good.
  5. Just before the child becomes independent of you and before teenage years. Build a healthy self esteem into the child, teach them to believe in themselves and where they come from. This can shield them from outside influence. PLEASE BE THEIR FRIEND AT THIS TIME.
  6. Never compare your children with others because it pushes them into the pit of low self-esteem.
  7. Share the Word of God with them and as they’re growing give them the opportunity to share the Word of God with you during devotion or family time.
  8. Constantly pray for them and with them.
  9. Always teach them the dangers of being around the wrong things, and at the same time teach them the benefits of being around the right things. Create a balance.

Dear mother, never tag this article ‘easier written than done’ because it’s easy when you recognize your Helper(The Holy Spirit) and put your mind to work. I’ve seen and tasted this as a child.

The children God gave you or will give you, He knows you’ll be capable of investing positively in them. You are their caretaker. God will require them at your hand on the last day. May He give us the means and wisdom to lead the young. Amen.

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