Dress It And Keep It. Part 2

After the creation of man, the devil was not happy because man was made in the image and likeness of God. This literally means that man was a mini-god, which meant that angels would be loyal to him(man), and the devil being a fallen angel would also be subject to man. That was the foundation of the concept of dominion.

When God made a helper fitting for Adam which was Eve, the devil knew he was in trouble. He was fully aware of the power of a woman, the power of unity and of course, he knew what it means to abide under the shadow of the almighty.

A helper means she was built with great strength, and also had access to be directly helped by God, in order to supply help to Adam in the areas of his life where he had a deficiency. What a privilege!
He saw the unity amongst The Holy Trinity (God the Father, His Word and Holy Spirit) and knew he couldn’t stand people who are united in God.

How can beings who were made from dust have such great privileges? Having everything provided for, they needed not to go on any errand, just enjoy life and every evening have a chat with God. What the devil feared the most was their unity in purpose and focus.

The devil knew that for this dominion God had given the man and the woman to be actualized, it had to be sustained by fellowship with Him (God). So if he could break that fellowship, his goal of usurping their dominion would be actualized.

Any man that is not in regular constant fellowship and unbroken fellowship with God cannot have dominion. So the first thing the devil needed to destroy was the relationship they had with God.

The woman was a key to the fulfillment of purpose and destiny, because,
● She’s the only companion made by God for the man.
● She’s the only one given the sole assignment to help.
● Helping her companion comes directly from the greater Helper (God). This implies she was supposed to have had a direct link to God, in order to tap strength from the reservoir of strength.

The devil knew these, and thought to himself, if he goes directly to the man telling him about the fruit God said they shouldn’t eat, he will not adhere to him but if he goes through the woman, (because of the special place the woman had in the man’s life) and succeeds, he(Adam) will readily accept the fruit and eat without questioning her because she’s his helper.

Eve entered into discussion with the serpent and the rest is history. Her relationship with God was broken from the moment she disobeyed Him.

As a woman, one of the ways the devil lures you is through conversation. He knows you love conversation.

After God gave man commandment to dress and keep the garden of Eden. God gave a clue on how to dress and keep the garden.

He specifically told man what should and shouldn’t be. Genesis 2:16-17.
God required implicit obedience.

Obeying God was and is still the major way you can dress and keep the garden of your home and life.

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