Marriage: Fantasy Or Fantastic

Have you ever wondered why there is an ever-increasing rate of marriage separation? including among people who call themselves Christians.
As a single, this may have made you scared of accepting a marriage proposal.

While growing up as a child I saw failed marriages but never understood it. As a young single lady, I saw and heard of many failed marriages. Most of the stories of failed marriages I saw and heard were of people I know.
It was enough to put me off, making me scared or deciding not to marry. But my parents’ marriage gave me hope and joy.

I never heard any negative things about marriage from my Dad or Mum or from people I admire in their homes.
Were they angels? No!
They were humans like those who have had crashed marriages.
They definitely do have their moments of disagreement.

My parents’ marriage and some good marriages I know, made me to be so intentional about self-development both spiritually and physically, praying and fasting for whoever my husband and children will be. Reading good godly books and asking questions.

Growing up, I’ve heard men and women especially talk so bad about marriage. They talk so bad about their partners as though they are angels.
Their words are filled with so much discouragement and hatred for marriage and their partners.

In my discussion with some of these women and men, I discovered they had that fantasy of having a happy ever ending marriage but they lacked vision for the marriage, and those that supposedly had a vision, lacked the requisite knowledge and discipline to execute the vision.

Most men and women that are in marital regrets today were carried away by the looks, status, professionalism in career, prayer prowess, intelligence, dress sense of their partners, forgetting that these things shouldn’t be the foundation.

Hello dear young man and woman aspiring to get married, do not repeat the same mistake.
Have a vision!!! Having a vision is not only about having a ministerial or career vision. No!

As a student, if you desire to make an ‘A’, you plan and have a vision that will aid you to that pathway of excellence.

If you’re a professional career person, to get promoted, have a good relationship, and enjoy satisfaction in your career, you’ll have a vision to achieve that.

A person called into ministry equally has a vision to make full proof of his ministry and be used by God maximally.

Marriage is beyond looks, love-making, eloquence in speech, money, and status.
A thriving marriage is one built on VISION.

No one having vision for a successful marriage holds on to these;
● Are you a selfish person?
● Are you proud?
● Are you easily angered?
● Are you disrespectful?
● Are your words poisonous?
● Are you honest?
● Are you dirty?
● Do you find it hard to forgive?
● Who do you listen to?
● Who are our companies?
● What do you know about marriage?
● Are you disciplined?

We’ll discuss the following points daily.

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