The Little Foxes That Grow In Marriage.

Have you wondered why some couples keep secrets between themselves? They do because they don’t feel they are a safe place for each other to share their secrets.

Before marriage, you must be sure that you feel safe to share and never keep anything secret once married. 

A man once said during a discussion, ‘I still love my wife, but I can never trust her.’ This is due to secrecy by his wife. And we know that when trust is broken, it’s difficult to repair.

But can love exist without trust?

Many marriages have been caught in the web of this destroyer called secrecy. Secrets in marriage have destroyed trust and can ruin your life. Some marriages can recover, but not without injury, which can leave a lifetime scar.

Often, we have heard of secrets that couples keep apart. Sometimes these secrets involve different social media activities where they live secret lives that they hide from their spouse. It could be a sinful addiction, chat that one spouse hides from the other, or even a secret “friendship” with someone their spouse would disapprove of.

Most of the secrets that revolve around couples and endanger their marriage are centred on friendship, infidelity, money issues, pornography addiction, etc.

When your partner withholds important information from you regardless of their reasons, it’s normal to feel betrayed and struggle to trust them again.

Secrets are cankerworms and caterpillars that eat deeply in marriage and create a disconnecting link between you and your spouse, devouring trust and honesty in your hearts.

You give the enemy, that is, the devil, unwavering joy and victory when you keep secrets from your spouse. That’s a weapon he uses to destroy love, trust, and honesty.

Secrets that have destroyed some marriages were not planted overnight. They are the little foxes that were not dealt with before marriage.

In the book of Songs of Solomon 2:15; Take us the foxes, the little foxes, that spoil the vines: for our vines have tender grapes.

The little foxes; dishonesty, immoral lifestyle, extravagant lifestyle, pride, etc., are to be nipped in the bud before they increase to more ungodliness which may seem small at first but soon grows and spreads and become destructive to your marriage and yourself.

Dear Couple, you must never give the devil a space to feel at home in your home. He’s not your partner.

His occupation remains to steal your spouse from you and steal you from your spouse, kill every joy in your home, and finally destroy your soul.

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