Dress It And Keep It. Part 3

A minister once said it was only Adam who did 100% of God’s will in marriage. Despite this, Adam’s marriage was not a success but a colossal failure.

What can we learn from the above? It simply means that even if you did 100% God’s will in marriage, if you fail to dress and keep your garden, it will be a colossal failure.

There are two things God expects from every marriage with regards to dressing and keeping it. God expects us to dress and keep it for it to be comfortable for Him to dwell and to keep it against infiltration by the devil.

There’s been a complete shift of purpose in marriage. These shifts have given birth to a crisis in marriages.
The moment you begin to lose focus on your purpose, you’ll lose your purpose.

Aside from obedience to the Lord, the second way to dress and keep your garden is SACRIFICE.

What is Sacrifice?
The act of giving up something that you want to keep, especially in order to get or do something else or to help someone.

One of the main ingredients of a lasting relationship is sacrifice.

God sacrificed His most precious asset to us which is His only Son Jesus Christ. He has left us an example to follow. If there’s something that will soil your relationship with Him, He expects you to sacrifice it for His sake.

Same applies in a family: husband to wife, wife to husband, parents to children, children to parents, sibling to sibling, are to sacrifice to keep their bond alive. You can also sacrifice to humanity if what you are sacrificing doesn’t soil your relationship with God.

If there is no bond between you and God then the fault is from you. He has sacrificed the greatest and most precious one to you. If you sincerely ask God what’s wrong, He will give you the information you seek.

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