The Littles in Marriage.

Courtship is undoubtedly a lovely, unforgettable moment for the soon-to-be couple. Aside from discussing and planning the present and future, it is also the period of a show of love, understanding, affection, care, and exchange of calls and text messages that reaffirms to each other that they are committed to each other.

So what happened after a few weeks, months, or years after the wedding? 

Marriage is all about nurturing, and nurturing is always a deliberate act. You nurture what you cherish, and nurturing is done by nourishing, and you nourish by feeding because what you don’t feed becomes malnourished. 

Why stop feeding your marriage all the nutrients that can give it strength? 

This is one of the devil’s schemes to disconnect you from your spouse, and he does this by injecting the spirit of NEGLECT unconsciously.

Who told you you could not text your spouse at least once a week or monthly once married? Or call each other during the day to know how each other’s day is going? It would be best if you thought inside and outside the box to spice your marriage.

Let me tell you something you may know or not know about the devil. He is very calculative and plans tirelessly for a mission. He puts all his attention into whatever he wants to succeed. He is always busy with his assignments.

This is the intelligent, hard-working, and intentional being that you think by folding your arms and not putting your mind to work; he will give you rest and peace in your home. Marriage has been a target of the devil, beginning from Adam and Eve in Eden. And to date, the devil still hates marriage, and your marriage isn’t exempted. 

Dear Couple never neglects the attention like calls and text messages you showered yourselves during courtship.

These little things matter in marriage because they serve as healthy spices to nourish your home.

As a husband or wife, you must be conscious and intentional in feeding your marriage with what can strengthen the bond between you and your spouse. When you neglect your spouse, you have just given an invitation to the devil to replace you. And he will gladly jump at such an invitation. 

Marriage is not for lazy people but two hard-working people. 

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