The Virus Called Offence

There is a virus more virulent than Covid-19, more destructive than HIV, and more lethal than Ebola, It is Called Offence.

Because the Heart (or mind) is the control room of life, we are instructed by God to keep our Hearts with all diligence.

The heart is an enclosed space of limited volume, meaning that it has limited capacity, and can only contain a limited amount of things at the same time. If there is offence, there cannot be joy, in that same heart.

Offence is the abortion pill to Joy, it attacks your Joy, then it displaces Joy from your heart.

Offence is a spiritual virus that can lead to both spiritual and emotional heart failure.

Untreated Offence is like an abortion pill. It aborts peace and joy from the heart,

Keeping the heart with all diligence is a responsibility that God has ceded to us, it means that God expects us to do all it takes to keep our heart from invasion.

We are the Security guards of our heart, we determine what comes in and what goes out.

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