Have you heard of the mental disease called hoarding or seen anywhere about a hoarder?
This is a mental illness characterized by obsessive collection of stuff most times useless, and the refusal or unwillingness to get rid of them, so much that it takes an excavation team to get rid of those items.

When you enter the house of a hoarder, you see tons of things the person does not need. Sometimes you see so much of the useless stuff that you get a hard time finding something the person actually needs like soap or spoons or other stuff.
Unlike other mental cases there is something unique about hoarders. They are perfectly sound and can answer rationally why they kept every single material. Most times their answers are very much acceptable and understandable but the twist is that they don’t realise that as reasonable as it seems, it is not enough to make them gather so much.

They don’t understand that not every useful thing is needed. When you get ‘too much! ‘ of seemingly useful things, they turn out useless and also end up confusing you. This is for physical hoarders.
Now let us bring this closer to us because we might not relate physically to this.

What about your mind?
The things you load your mind with; those thoughts, ideas, dreams, and desires. How many of them are useful to your destiny and purpose? Many of the things we feed our minds with from our environment are on the contrary toxic to our purpose and goals.
These include the things we read on social media and the friends we keep.

When we are not careful to keep track of all the things, we lose our minds.They sit in our mind and occupy the spaces making it difficult for us to find out what really matters to us.
When we keep all kinds of things in our mind we spread ourselves too thin that we spend less time with what actually matters to us.

But this can be avoided and to do this, we must make out time to:
● Find out our purpose and goals.
● Then we must search and analyse our minds get rid of everything that is not moving in the direction of our purpose
● Finally guard our hearts against the entrance of such.
When we clear this clutter we bring Focus to what actually matters to our goals and destiny.

To achieve this, be ready to work hard and be intentional about what you think. Read the word of God and good books, make good friends and discuss your common goals.

Bear in mind that your mind will protest but if you’re faithful and consistent, if you are determined you will soon triumph.

Spiritual hoarding.
In this case you want to ask yourself who do you listen to? There are numerous fraudsters peddling lies in the name of preaching.

Preachers preach their own ideologies and devilish ideologies, and Christians are buying it. These lies sit on our heart, suffocating our spirit man and alienating us from God. We must therefore be careful not to feed from every pulpit , because it is not all that shout Abba father that are indeed Children of God.

Spend much time with the word of God and let his spirit guide you to the truth that is needed for eternal life. Go to places that dish out the true word of God. Doing this, you feed yourself with only the truth necessary for eternal life..
Search your life today, are there things threatening to take the place of God in your heart? It is time to declutter.

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