God’s Presence

A question for you:
How many times have you actually felt God’s presence and you knew it?
Well are those numbers actually correct?
Now let me ask again:
How many times do you think you have ignored the presence of God because you were expecting it in another form?
The numbers probably increased a little right?

Naaman, to get healed, expected the man of God to come out and shout for the world to see, and maybe fire will come out of heaven and consume his leprosy. But the presence of God for him was inside A SIMPLE COMMAND
Elijah was told by God to climb a mountain and listen, he thought God was in a storm, fire, and earthquake. But the presence of God for him was A STILL SMALL VOICE.
Israel thought the presence of God was a mighty man who will lead them in a fight to conquer the Romans. But the presence of God for them was A CARPENTER who expects you to get slapped twice rather than pick up a fight.

Often times,the presence of God manifests in ways very different from what we expect. We do not have God to blame for not manifesting, rather it is our misguided expectations. Yes God parts the Red Sea and consumes offerings with fire from heaven, but God is also the Still small voice and the voice of a little girl directing a mighty warrior.

God works in His own ways, according to His glory, not according to our own speculation and when we understand this, we will seek to understand the ways of God in order to recognise His presence rather than seeking Him according to what we expect.

God rewards those who diligently seek him (Heb 11:6). Such people enjoy the presence of God anywhere and everywhere and get miracles even just by muttering some silent wishes. This is because the presence of God birth strong faith in Him.
But when we do not seek God as we should, we often find ourselves seeking for miracles in strange places; places where people perform acrobatics under so called anointing. We go after fake and insincere men of god just because they are shouting, jumping and prophesying and that naturally pacifies our minds and make us believe that the presence of God is there.
Thus many have been deceived and led into gross errors. They put their trust in men because they feel like the presence of God is all about the charisma.

The presence of God is not far from you, each time you open His word,go to His presence, meditate on His ways or get on your knees, He is very much around. Only seek to recognise him.

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