Was Jesus Harsh?

Jesus was hungry when He went to the fig tree in search of fruit. Let’s leave the fig tree alone for a moment.
The first question is this; what was Jesus searching for in a fig tree when it was not the season for its productivity? Why not go to a tree which was in season then and search for fruits? Why proceed to curse the tree when it was not at fault.

Jesus was showing His disciples that there will be a time when the responsibility laid on them would require the impossible, and even at that time, they do not have an excuse not to deliver. He is telling them to come to a point where even a legitimate excuse is not an option anymore. He knew the kind of tenacity it took for the gospel to be spread, and so wanted them to grow to the extent that even their lives meant nothing to them for the sake of productivity. He sent them the Holy Spirit to remind them of all He taught them, to push them when they need it because the work MUST be done. At this time, they became fig trees without the excuse of my season has not come yet. They were preaching in and out of prison, before and right after beating, at the point of being stoned to death. There was no more excuse in them.

God makes us understand that the journey will not get easier but that He gives us what it takes to persist and overcome. For every step, God has given us the grace to overcome, but we might not even get to know this until we take the necessary step. When we remain at a place, we only see the reason why the next step will not work, the difficulties surrounding it. But the moment we take that step, we find that God’s grace is indeed sufficient.

The only thing we owe ourselves is preparedness, one of which is information. We must always keep our minds full of the right information, from the Word of God and from people with credibility.
We must sieve out negative information from our minds and maintain godly and positive words.

God uses the information already embedded in your mind to elevate you
The enemy uses the information already embedded inside you to limit you.
For this reason, you must strive to daily improve yourself and the quality of information inside you. Everything God has promised you is in His word, study the Word and make it a part of you. Read good books and listen to godly counsel so that when God comes or sends someone your way to eat your fruits, you would give in abundance.

But when you fill yourself with information that tells you that it can’t be done because of situations. The devil uses it to keep you in a state and when God comes or sends someone your way to eat your fruits, you would be found empty.

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