What is Prophecy?
Prophecy is simply a declaration of something to come.

If we travel from the book of Genesis to Revelation, you would find thousands of prophecies. Prophecies born out from the Spirit of God and also born out from men. Many of those prophecies came to pass both those from the Spirit of God and man.

Time, distance, race, status, background couldn’t affect what should be.

Today, we have many prophecies that are yet unfulfilled. It could be because it’s from a false prophecy or the time of it’s fulfillment hasn’t come.

Prophecies born out from the Spirit of God surely come to pass. In the eyes of men it may seem to be delayed, but in the time table of God there is nothing like delay. Everything happens in God’s time.

Most times people believe prophecies more when it comes from a minister while on the pulpit or from a minister they respect/know. But from anybody from the body of Christ, it can be downplayed.

God can use anybody to declare what is to come either in your life, anyone’s life or any circumstances.

Presently, people run from pillar to post in search of prophets to prophesy on them. They think only those who are tagged or tag themselves prophets are entitled to prophesy.

As such these vulnerable ones are ready to do absurd things just to have a prophesy over them. Ironically, they run with the Bible during such a tour.

What other sure prophecy do one need than the Word of God?
What other prophecy should be valued than the Word of God?

You run from one prayer house to another because you choose to be blind.
You dry up by the day because you choose not to eat.

Once the devil notices your ignorance, he joyfully manipulates you until you become his pet. The devil has no power to control you. He can only do that with your permission.

When you don’t study the Word of God, you become blind. When you don’t eat the Word of God, you’ll dry and starve to death. When you lack the Spirit of God within, you’ll definitely be led by other spirits.

The Holy Spirit is capable of doing the extraordinary in a believer’s life through the Word of God. Nevertheless, the Word of God concerning you is the bottom-line.

If God has made you a promise, hold on! It will come to pass.
Memorize God’s promises to you.
Confess with your mouth God’s promises to you.

God still speaks to men and can speak to them concerning you nevertheless, The Word of God is filled with surer prophecies.
Glue To The Word.

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