The Marriage Project

God the Creator had everything but still needed to create man that will look like Him both in image and likeness. The Father, Son and Holy Spirit share a perfect bond and desire to replicate the same in us. He established marriage.

Marriage being the first institution was formed by God to be the basic unit of humanity.

Marriage is not just living together but bonding together. You bond through communication, understanding, praying and playing together, eating together, sharing, sacrificing and love making.

Marriage is a project. When you have a project, you’ll focus on it and avoid any form of distraction in order to complete the project. To fulfill your marriage project, you need to be focused on each other. Take away distractions.

Distractions may include anger, pride, unforgiveness, selfishness, expectations, nagging, third parties, laziness, indiscipline, suspiciousness, jealousy, ingratitude, defensiveness, weak communication, never admitting that you’re wrong, never apologizing, keeping secret from each other.

Marriage is about interaction. Some homes are like graveyards, so quiet. Imagine if The Holy Trinity don’t interact, will there be agreement on the creation of man? Capital NO!

God showed us a perfect example of what should be. In the cool of the evening, He comes into the garden to interact with Adam. His interaction never stopped Him from being God.

Are you a Pastor, Evangelist, Professor, Engineer, Business Tycoon, Doctor etc, you’re not above God. Everyday interaction is necessary for a healthy home.

Marriage without love can never be established. The foundation of marriage is love. There is only one provocation encouraged by God through His Word. Provoking one another to love.

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