You Attract What You Give

Have you noticed that people who always genuinely come to the aid of others, never lack help when they need it? God always comes through for them.

We often hear this phrase, “givers never lack.” This is very true practically, but we only view it from one angle. The Bible even advises us that we should give, because it shall be given back unto us.

What you give attracts what you get.

You feel you’re more qualified and better than your colleague who has been appointed to a position higher than you. As a result, you give disrespect and disloyalty to them. Get ready because you will lack genuine loyal and respectful men in your life.

You find it hard to give forgiveness to an offender, you will definitely need one, if not in this life, it will be in eternity. You will also be given unforgiveness!!!

Do you derive joy in giving another woman unrest and pain in her home? You will receive the same in your marriage.

Do you give hatred to someone who has done you no evil? As you give, you’ll receive. People are usually proud to say ‘I just hate her/him.’ If you give hatred to a person who has done you no wrong, your reward will be hatred.

You give bitterness to someone you should celebrate with who has been blessed, favoured or has achieved some qualifications. You will attract bitterness too instead of celebration.

If you deny someone peace and make life unbearable then be ready to attract pieces instead of peace.

The question we should ask ourselves is what are we giving?

We are expected to give love, mercy, truth, kindness, compassion, integrity, honesty, patience, encouragement, financial and spiritual assistance, graceful words, joy, peace, goodness.

Presently, amongst those who call themselves christians, many live an unchristian life.

As we share what we have, we eventually get it back.

If we must grow and have a blessed life, we must be careful of what we give.

What are you giving? Remember what you give, you will never be in lack of it.

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