The Devil’s Trick. Part 2

When we hear the word Self-examination, some people assume it’s simply a reflection on one’s actions and reactions but there is more to the term Self-examination than just that. It’s a reflection on self and not just actions and reactions.

Show me an intentional and purposeful living man/woman and I will tell you without missing words that they are men who have mastered or mastering the act of Self-examination. 

As Christians knowing the tricks of the devil is an advantage on our part but beating the devil at his game is the main deal. And one of the ways we can win him at his post is through the act of sincerely and prayerfully Self-examining. 

Self-examination is a crucial part of our spiritual growth. 

In this concluding part of The Devil’s Trick, we will navigate through the paths of how to effectively Self-examine one’s self and to reap great dividends and fruits.

Any Christian who desires growth must first be sincere and genuine in this course called Self-examination; 

You must first desire growth and your desire should bring you closer to God who can refine and polish a man. Self-examination cannot be successfully done without realising you need it. And when you realise, the next step is to get a journal and write down areas in your life you need to Examine for change.  If you don’t know the areas, prayerfully ask God to tell you. He will speak to you directly or indirectly.

While praying, there are areas as Christians who desire growth we cannot overlook. They must be Examined.

  • Examine your faith. First ask yourself this question; Is my faith real or am I pretending? Are you still in faith? Is your focus still on the cross? Are you living the life of God? Keith Moore said, “Faith is not a movement. Faith is not a group. Faith is not a doctrine. Faith is how God Himself functions and it’s how He told us to function and live.” Any practice that detracts from faith and takes your focus away from the cross is an evil practice. Is your focus more on other things than the cross? Is your faith priority or your career, marriage and self? 
  • Examine your Works. Are your works genuine, morally sound, pure and a delight to God? You can’t produce works that are pleasing to God if your mind is polluted. If your perspective, mind and will does not align with God, your works will produce dead fruits.
  • Examine your Words: As Christians our words should constantly be seasoned with grace. What is Grace? As Christians, grace is the basics of our faith. Grace is the power of God working in us to give one a transformed life. If you are Christian it means you have grace in you so, your words should be graceful enough to transform a life and not destroy. Your spouse, children, colleague etc should always experience words-filled grace from you.

Examine yourself: what words come out from your mouth when excited, disappointed, angry or hurt? 

Self-examination is a mandatory duty call given to every follower of Jesus Christ. 2nd Corinthians 13:5 

The end result of Self-examination is never to make you think or feel less of yourself, rather it is a tool to improve your faith in God, refill and renew your words with grace, and influence your work to align with God.

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