It wasn’t Just the Touch

Have you been in an unfortunate state for 5 years? I know it was never a pleasant moment in your life. Everything and everyone may even become irritating to you. Life itself would have been so meaningless. Right?

Yes, I know. I’ve been there before. But wait, before you think of give up, let’s consider the woman with the issue of blood.
She had a name but her predicament became her name. She was known to be the woman with the issue of blood. What a name?!

Was it 12 seconds, 12 minutes, 12 hours, 12 days, 12 weeks, 12 months? No! No!! It was 12 years. She experienced reproach, shame, negligence, rejection, and sorrow daily for 12 solid years. She did all she could to be healed but things grew worse.

She heard about Jesus. That alone gave her hope. She took steps that led to her freedom.
Despite the crowd, she persevered to get to Jesus just for a touch of His garment.
She singled herself out.

To achieve a task or goal in life then, you must live a life of singleness. Following the crowd of friends is like following the goals of others to help achieve theirs. I tell you, you will end up having a frustrated life.

She was focused and pressed on. Focus is a key or a pathway to greatness. You cannot press on in life without a focus.

Don’t ever think that the problem you are passing through now will consume you.
Do you think you’ve done all you can to be healed of the mind or body?
The truth is that we haven’t exhausted all our options. Yes! You read it correctly.
Single yourself out from the crowd.
Be focused on your goal no matter the failure you’ve encountered.
Keep pressing towards the goal. Press every day by touching Jesus in prayer.
A personal drive to touch Jesus is the secret.

Ignore the naysayers who will speak and act to break you. They can only break you with your permission.
Press on towards the One who can break every chain in your life.
Don’t give up!!!
You know one more step forward takes you closer to His garment.

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