The Veil Of Imperfection

And he was there with the LORD forty days and forty nights; he did neither eat bread, nor drink water. (Exodus 34:28-35)

Every nutrient and essence that we need to survive is in God. He puts a little part of Himself in nature- the sun, the air, the trees, and what we eat. We call them nutrients and we have classified and given them names.

 Both our physical and spiritual sustainment lie with God and that was why Moses didn’t need any food when he was in God’s presence, because all essence radiated from His glory into the body of Moses, physically. And it was the best-undiluted experience because when Moses came out, his face was like nothing ever seen on earth.

I put it to you that that was the skin of Adam and Eve before the fall.

Moses’ face was so perfect that imperfections were scared to come close to him. He needed to wear what they could relate to in order to draw close to them. That was the VEIL OF IMPERFECTION. That was the only way he could fit in. And from here our lessons begin:

Inside every one of us, God has placed a dimension of His perfection; either as a talent or in any other way. It is our own undiluted essence of God’s glory. But you know what? We don’t even understand it sometimes because we let ourselves feel inferior and unwanted when people cannot relate to it. And so we put on a Veil that dilutes our ‘perfection’, by stepping down in order to fit in. And many through this have landed themselves into situations that they otherwise wouldn’t be associated with. 

You are who you are, the best of what God has made of you, don’t become less of yourself in order to fit in. The truth is that the right people will come to you and if they are few, know that few in the right direction are better than multitudes in the wrong direction. And if there is no one at all, then know that One with God is majority.

So to everyone out there who wants to drop down to fit it, please receive strength to continue to rise by subjecting yourself unreservedly to your source of sustenance, GOD ALONE.

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