Your Foot Print

I never thought that that was going to be the last day I would go there, for the time being.

 Whatever work I left behind, hoping to do the next day, were all left there at the mercy of others’ scrutiny. If I have done a good work so far, I would have left a track record to be remembered; the same if I have done bad work.

 At the time when you are not there, your name, legacy, and memory will be written by the track record that you have left. And that can be anything you make it. What you make it is what it makes you when you are no longer there. And no longer there doesn’t necessarily mean when you die, it could be a temporary absence.

 Just as you can differentiate footprints left by a bird from that of a man, so one can differentiate one person from the other based on the footprints of their actions.

Your footprints take the shape of what you have done so far. Even as you’re reading this right now, you can describe your footprints, or at least tell what it is going to look like.

And that’s the good news. How? You may ask. It also means that you can do something about it. If your footprints are formed by your actions, it means [that] changing your actions can go a long way to change your footprints for good.

First thing is to ask God, your Maker, to set you on the right track. On the right track, you seldom leave a bad footprint.

The next is to follow the footprints of those who have already gone the path that you are set on going; those who have succeeded and even those who have failed. Be very careful to observe the things that those who succeeded did to succeed and what made the failures fail. It will help you to know what to improve on and the dead weights you need to drop.

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