You Can Preserve Your Life Through These

You wouldn’t know the importance of a helmet and seatbelt until you see or hear of someone who died due to negligence of the above protective equipments.
Some death would have been prevented if a helmet or seatbelt was worn.

Sometimes some people blame the victims of accidents for negligence of a helmet or seatbelt. God gave great wisdom to whoever invented such protective measures for good reasons unfortunately, not everyone values their use.

Whenever I heard of an accident that claimed one’s life, the next question I ask is “was he/she on seatbelt?” Was there a helmet on him/her?”
I always ask these questions without thinking. When I get the answer I sometimes blame the accident victims for negligence.

Sometimes we forget but we don’t know what might happen the next minute. We live today and tomorrow we are no more because accident happens.
Accident through air crash, road crash, rail crash, sickness, child delivery, stray bullet or you travel to eternity while sleeping etc, .

We don’t pray for such eventualities. But if God chooses, according to His will to call you to eternity through any of such means, what can you do? Absolutely nothing.

That is why at all times we need our helmet and seatbelt on. Failure to neglect it means eternal death.

Is your helmet of Salvation on you?
What about your breastplate of righteousness?

Life is a journey and we don’t know the hour or day of an accident (temptation).
Only those with these protective measures will be safe.

Come to cross and collect your helmet and seatbelt for free. Don’t delay because delay can be catastrophic.

Jesus is waiting.

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