Don’t Bury Your Name

Let’s play through the gallery about Dinah, the daughter of Jacob.

We are told in the Holy Bible how Diana went out to see the daughters of the land.

Dinah, was the only daughter of Jacob and Leah. She went out alone to see the daughters of the land. Perhaps she was bored of her environment and decided to go for sightseeing.  That outing was the beginning and end of Dinah.

Dinah’s one decision to go out led her to one of the sons of the land who defiled her. That outing changed her destiny, buried her name and the aftermath of her decision led to catastrophe. This is what lack of contentment and appreciation can cause.

Dinah was blessed to have a godly father. One who knows the Lord, encountered the Lord and served the Lord. She couldn’t let her father know her decision.

Dinah’s love for the outside world began deep down her heart. She was a daughter of Jacob but admired the daughters of the land.

Manifestation of sin begins from the heart. The thoughts and admiration of worldly desires, pleasures and its people are the seeds that germinate and bring forth fruit called sin.

Sexual immorality, masturbation, ponograhic video, lesbianism, erotic messages, seductive attires begin from the heart. The constant thoughts can lead to the actual action of it.

What are the decisions you are about to execute? Be calm. Share such thoughts with your godly parents or with a godly mature person.

Be careful of the decision you make cause one decision can defile you, change your destiny and bury your name.

If you have been caught in the web already, come to the Cross. Jesus is waiting.

When you ask for forgiveness and cleansing, He forgives and throw your past in the sea of forgetfulness.

One decision you need to constantly make in order to keep your heart clean is through the Word of God.

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