A Place Called Different

Dear teen, this is specially for you. You are at a point in your life where it sometimes seems as though you are out of place, everyone else seems perfect but you.

Let me interest you by saying something: when you are in the wrong place, you will definitely feel out of place. So, don’t you think that your feeling out of place could be because you are actually out of place?
Let me say another thing that may interest you: the people that were mentioned in the bible, who could be your peers had one unique quality – DIFFERENT.

They were separate from others and they include: Joseph, David, Daniel and his friends (the Hebrew boys). Even Jesus(at twelve years) was found in a place that is different from his peers.
These people were found in the place God has made specially for them, a place called DIFFERENT.

This is the place where God himself came to have a tete-a-tete with them, and would want same with you.
It is the place where he doesn’t have to scream to be heard, where even the stillest, smallest voice will be heard. It is a place of untold euphoria and bliss. It is a place where ordinary teenagers are built to become extraordinary adults.

So the next time you are pressured to dissolve into the crowd, always remember that you are supposed to be in a place called DIFFERENT.

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