You Can Love

The word ‘love’ has so much complexity with both meaning and the different experiences of people.

For some people, the meaning of love can be difficult to explain. To others, it’s just a word; to another group, it’s a strong feeling of care and kindness; and to some, it’s narrowed to only an intimate(sexual) experience.

Let’s define Love in simple words:

Love means commitment and consistency in kindness, forgiveness, patience, communication, honesty, sacrifice/selflessness, humility, and accommodating.

Scientific studies have shown that love causes our body to release feel-good hormones and neurochemicals that trigger specific, positive reactions. 

When we love someone, we experience the same positive thoughts and experiences as when the same person or another loves us. And we also experience a deep sense of care and commitment toward that person.

Love is a special and unique feeling that is so pure and strong. Love is a fountain rich in peace, life, and health. Love is not limited to our family, friends, spouses, etc. 

Love makes the world go round. 

Everyone is capable of showing love. The reason why people find it hard to show love to their spouse, parents, siblings, children, friends, or even anyone it’s because they never knew nor experienced how to love while growing up or they had a negative childhood experience 

People who fall into this category are;

?Usually Bitter.

?Always angry, never happy.

?Never give room for improvement because of their closed-mindedness.

?Constantly negative-minded about everyone except themselves.

?Their vibes are always that of striving, envy, and competition.

?Negative childhood experience.

?Blaming others for their problems/mistakes.

No matter how ugly your past may have been, don’t allow it to define you and stop you from enjoying the beautiful life God has for you. Love heals.

People who find it hard to love don’t love themselves.

When you don’t love others(parents, children, siblings, etc.), then you don’t love yourself, and if you find it hard to love your family, you will find it challenging to love whoever will be your spouse. And not loving your spouse can affect the growth and development of any child raised in that circle.

It will be self-deceit to claim you love God, who is invisible, when you find it hard to love mortals you see.

It costs a lot to hate, but you gain much from God and yourself when you love. You get to unlock good health, Spiritual and physical blessings. 

Love and stay healthy and fresh.

Hate, and you’ll live in a crisis.

A heart that loves is a life full of peace, joy, good health, and, most importantly, God. Don’t deprive yourself of love.

You are capable of loving. Just look within and make amends.

God is Love, and Love is God.

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