A Valuable Virtue

Discretion is the ability to make objective and wise judgements. To know how to live your life and to also interact with the life of others.

It is about knowing the right thing to do at the right time and doing them accordingly.

Discretion is knowing when to act and talk, with whom, and when to keep it to yourself.

Discretion is simply sound judgement and being sensitive to times and seasons.

Discretion is valuable to us as women, mothers, wives, sisters, and home keepers and hence, cannot be neglected. This is because what we do with what we know can impact the lives and futures of the little ones that depend on us. As women to whom nurturing of life has been entrusted, we must have this great virtue.

We must have the sound judgement to protect our family from harm and direct them to their right path. We must ask God and ensure that we are walking closely with Him in partnership, so we don’t divert our children’s destinies to the wrong.

When Rebecca learnt from the Lord of the destinies of her children, she played a part in bringing it to pass. 

The parents of Samson played their parts until Samson was up to age.

Hannah played a vital role in bringing Samuel to his fulfilled destiny.

Jochebed and Miriam wielded this virtue and ensured that Moses’s destiny wasn’t truncated.

When Mary was told about Jesus, she knew to wait and not broadcast it until Jesus was ready to assume His place. The growing and vulnerable stage of Jesus was spent in silent and secluded consecration. 

Mary’s discretion kept Him safe until His ministry started and God revealed Him. At the same time, the lack of discretion by the three wise men endangered His life and took the lives of many children.

Lack of sound judgement has made many mothers, especially in our generation, ignorantly sell their children’s destinies and expose them to Satan. The advent of social media has made it worse.

As a mother in this generation, we must covet sound judgement because we must answer to the lives of the little ones entrusted to us. In fact, it would be better that you were childless than that you thwarted your child’s destiny. 

Sadly most women of our time have no interest in this virtue called Discretion, and proof of that is littered all over social media.

By what you say and post about your family, can you be sure that you haven’t exposed them to the enemy’s arrows? Many have lost the sense of privacy by exposing every detail of their territory (family) to the public eye. 

Also, numerous distractions keep us from paying attention to what truly matters, and it’s only through discretion that we can discern what is essential for our lives and act accordingly. 

We must learn to partner with God to protect our family and society.

It is imperative that every woman reading this goes back to the place of prayer and makes sure she comes out with this virtue. We are strong pillars of nations and, as such, must remain strong.

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