Trusting Your Pilot

Flying has been my favourite means of travel. Although I love travelling, the ugly experience of kinetosis overcomes the lovely sights along the way so yeah I turned to flying.Between the year 2021 and 2022, I flew the most.

One of the days in 2022 we encountered very strong turbulence in the air, I could literally feel my heart scouting for an escape route, Hmmmm!!!

The captain immediately informed us of the development but assured us that everything is under control.

After the whole drama that happened that day, we managed to land safely but guess what? It didn’t take two months and I was on air again for my next trip.

I sat in my living room one day and looked through my window, I saw a plane moving and heading towards the airport and immediately some thoughts sprang up. The plane probably had at least 400 passengers with crew members. While it moved some persons might be going to the lavatory, others might be eating, some sleeping, reading, etc.

Everyone of them had courage in the pilot and the plane.

We hear that a plane crashes this instant but you see thousands of people boarding other flights the very next minute. There have always been road accidents but everyday people are buying cars. 

I came to realise that people actually have faith in flights and pilots more than they have in God. 

You tell people to allow God to drive their lives to their destinations but they tell you it’s their lives and they can do whatever they want with it.

If plane crashes that have been happening over the years haven’t been able to stop people from having faith, boarding flights to their various destinations then there is no reason a person should not have faith in God due to some ugly or unpleasant circumstances that happened in their lives. 

God is our pilot in this flight of life and we must trust him that despite the turbulence, He will get us to land safely.

We must learn to start trusting God more than the planes that hang in the air with nothing holding them.

He crafted our lives, He knows every button and He knows just exactly where He is taking us and the right place to land.

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