What Hinders the Answers to Our Prayers? Part 2

Communication is imparting or exchanging information by speaking, reading, writing, or using some other medium, and communication often occurs between two or more people.

So, it is okay to say prayer is communication and this act is between God and us. But many don’t know that part of communication is listening, reading, and meditating.

Communication is not the display of vocabulary but an act of attentive listening, reading, and meditating.

Unfortunately, our communication with God has been one-sided. We do the talking, and God does the listening. 

Once we are done talking, and it’s His time to talk, we immediately, without being mindful of Him, rise, dust ourselves, and get busy doing what we feel is more important to us than listening to our Abba. 

Just as communication is exchanging information through speaking, reading, writing, and meditating, so is prayer. 

So many years ago, I learned from my Dad how to write my request to God every January, being the beginning of the year. I saw him write and usually thick during the year once any of the requests had been approved and answered by God. 

I followed his pattern and only understood what I should know a few years ago. I discovered that God, who made the eyes, sees, and He would love to read what we write. I should know this, but the awareness of this understanding came just recently. 

Since then, every year, I don’t just write my requests to God because it was a practice I learned from my Dad, but I write my requests to God as an act of praying because reading and writing are part of communication. 

Many of us are good at talking (speaking) and writing but never reading, forgetting that ideas, knowledge, wisdom, instructions, and advice are passed to us when we read. 

We must cultivate the habit of praying to God through reading His Word because riches, wisdom, and life are in His Word.

As we want God to read and always bear in mind what we have written to Him, in the same way, we must always read His Word and bear in mind what He has written for us.

Remember, communication is always balanced, and for effective communication to occur, we must be excellent and attentive listeners and readers.

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