What Hinders the Answers to Our Prayers? Part 1

We are told that our confession leads and brings us to your possession. The more we confess a thing, it forms and becomes a reality. So why do believers of Christ don’t get the answer to their prayers?

It can be frustrating and discouraging when you’re communicating with another who keeps silent or mutters one or two words. The feeling of such displeasure cannot be put into words.

Through His Son, our Lord and Saviour Jesus, Abba, gave man advice, instruction, and commandment regarding prayer. He said, ‘men always ought to pray and not lose heart.’ The key word is ‘ALWAYS.’

But we have directly or indirectly accused God of not listening or adhering to our request when we commune (pray) to Him. The questions we need to ask ourselves are; 

  • Do we actually Pray? and if we do,
  • How often do we pray?

Generally, people feel bad when they give advice or instructions to another. It could be to their employees, employer, colleagues, students, children, siblings, or even their spouse, especially if those advice/instructions are beneficial if put into practice.

How we feel when our sound advice is ignored by people we love and care about is how Abba feels when we neglect His advice and instructions.

We often complain about unanswered prayers and feel/conclude God is not hearing us. But the truth is that we are the ones not hearing Him.

How obedient are we to His advice and instructions about our life, career, marriage, parenting, friendship, dressing, health, finance, etc.?

And we want Him to immediately and always be at our beck and call whenever we need His help.

We must know that God’s silence to us most times is not always neglect or is it to teach us patience, but usually, it could be a call to call us to order with regards to His advice/ instructions to us. In those advice/instructions lies the answers to our requests and peace.

Until our prayer to God becomes ‘ALWAYS’ that forms a lifestyle, we have no right to say God is not hearing or has refused to answer us. That would be an accusation and a lie. And as we pray always, we must ensure we listen to Him and play by His rules to enjoy the promised joy.

We have to come up higher where giving excuses for not always praying becomes unacceptable to us.

Ask any successful man in any field (career, marriage, parenting ministry); one of the major obstacles he crushed on his pathway to greatness is called EXCUSES.

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