What Hinders the Answers to Our Prayers? Part 3

Ignorance and negligence of the truth have led to the failures we see in career, ministry, marriage, parenting, finance, health, and relationship. 

We quickly buy books and read them, subscribe to channels, and sometimes practise what the authors oblige us to do, either actively or passively. But we hardly read the Bible, and when we do, we select which we need/want to practise.

Yoga is one activity practised in today’s world, but it sure cannot replace the meditation God urges us to do. Our peace and soundness are tied to the therapy prescribed by God, which is The Word. 

Meditation is a practise where an individual uses a technique – such as mindfulness or focusing the mind on a particular object, thought, or activity- to train attention and awareness and achieve a mentally clear, emotionally calm, and stable state.

God’s objective right now is to build Gracious Women in this deprived world irrespective of race, age, status, academic qualification, etc.

No admired Gracious woman has been established without her contribution to the life she enjoys. 

Your willingness is God’s platform for training, establishing, and settling you.

Just as no plant can germinate and grow without water, in the same way, no one who calls himself a child of God can grow without meditating on the word of God.

There is power in meditation. Meditation is the water that waters the Word of God we read and bear in our hearts. Meditation on the Word of God builds our inner mind and entirety both here on earth and for eternity. Through meditation, we grow and bear virtuous fruits.

Your meditation on the Word of God determines your growth level.

One of the mediums God communes with us is through meditation. He is God that knows the intent of man’s heart, and we become what we are by what is inside us.

What we think and meditate on moulds who we’ll become. 

As we grow in knowledge and grace, it is advised we sieve our thoughts because our thoughts form our actions and our actions form our character, and the character(s) formed can make or mar us.

Never forget that he who meditates on the Word of God is praying to God, and God who sees and knows the secrets of your thoughts rewards openly.

As you start living a lifestyle of prayer, I pray you will enjoy the benefits. It pays to pray.

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