The Assignment.

Ella, it would be best to find time to rest, so you don’t break down. I understand how mentally and physically draining it can be when working on a dissertation; nevertheless, give yourself a break in between. 

Babe, no rest for me until I complete all that is required of me to do.

I watched Ella work tirelessly to see that she completed her task. 

When she was done with the necessary corrections sighted by her supervisor and submitted, the grin on her face was like the ray of the sun. Ella was so excited, relaxed, and ready for her result. 

I understood the excitement because I had been there.

Let’s liken Ella’s short story to that of Apostle Paul in the Bible.

Apostle Paul said he was ready to be poured out as a drink offering because his departure at hand. And he had fought the good fight of faith and had finished his course. What awaits him now is to be received in glory— 2nd Timothy 4:6-8.

Can you see the audacity, boldness, confidence, and assurance in the statement of Apostle Paul?

He knew what his assignment was and when he had completed his task. What he awaited was the reward of honour and glory.

Everyone on the face of the earth has a task/assignment/project given to them by God because God is a purposeful Being. He never created any to increase the population of the world. No! He had planned for you before He formed you.

Just like every task is time-bound, so is the task given to man by God is time-bound. If you don’t work tirelessly to see that your assignment is complete, your reward will be humiliation and shame instead of a reward of honour and glory.

Apostle Paul was not only aware of his assignment but knew when he had completed it and was sure of his eternal destination. 

If we sincerely answer these questions, you and I can be like Apostle Paul.

  1. Are you aware that you have an assignment(s) given to you by God?
  2. Do you know your assignment(s) given are time-bound?
  3. Are you working towards the completion of the assignment(s)?
  4. How faithful and consistent are you in seeing you complete your assignment(s)?
  5. What reward do you seek; honour and glory or humiliation and shame?

Life here on earth is short.

Life after here is eternal.

Whatever we do will reflect in our eternity.

Work now while you can and when it is still day. Only those who work will rest because there is no rest for a lazy man.

Don’t give attention to your personal affairs and care less about God’s assignment.

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