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What Defines You!

We all have valuable assets that are beneficial to whosoever God has kept in our space and sometimes to even strangers. But when it comes to giving, some of us have narrowed our minds down to finances and time. 

Let’s take a quick journey to Acts 3. A lesson to draw from the incident of what happened at the beautiful gate.

When Peter and John met the lame man at the beautiful gate, the lame man was asking for money. Peter told him they had no silver or gold to give him; nevertheless, they had something worth more than silver and gold.

And Peter, fastening his eyes upon him with John, said, Look on us.

Acts 3:4 KJV

And what they had, they gave.

When Peter said, “look on us,” he knew what they had in them. They had the fullness of the Holy Ghost in them. He wasn’t speaking out of faith but based on what he had seen, touched, and handled. 

The lame man got healing at their hands through the Name of Jesus.

Every day, we meet people in the family, neighborhood, work environment, school premises, in the place of worship, or even through social media, have this in mind; you always leave them with something. And it’s usually something you have.

What you give to another can make them go rejoicing or sorrowing. The lame man left rejoicing for the rest of his life. It was a joy he couldn’t hide.

In your family, amongst your friends, colleagues, and strangers, are they usually happy they have you in their midst or do they wish you were someone else?

What is it you give because your presence in their lives gives them something? 

Do you give joy, peace, love, cheerfulness, patience, truth, encouragement or hatred, pride, bitterness, gossip, discouragement, etc.?

We all have something to give, and we give it every day.  What are you giving to your parents, siblings, spouse, friends, colleagues, and even strangers? 

What you give defines you to others and forms your identity.

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