A Queen And More.

She was a lover of anything that gave pleasure. Strong-willed and never intimidated by anyone. Fame, authority, and wealth were in her domain. No lack, no stress, no pain, was her slogan.

Royalty ran through her veins. She was born into the family of a king and married to a king. 

Are you searching for the interpretation of Proverbs 31:11, which says, “her husband’s heart trusts in her”? Then, that was who she was. Cheer up! I’ll handle it was all she needed to tell her husband.

And indeed, she did.

Whenever her name is mentioned in any gathering, you picture a woman of pride, a murderer, and a whore. She was the definition of a queen and more.

Ironically, no woman wants her baby girl named Jezebel, but many women live her lifestyle, and some encourage their daughters on that path. 

Jezebel was not just a slay queen but the founder of the slay queen association.  At her hand, men and even prophets of God were killed. Strong men hid from her. A man of mandate, authority, and power ran to the mountain and begged for death from God just at her threat.

Hello dear Christian Lady,

Observe the lifestyle of Jezebel. One who was fully aware of who she was and lived in that awareness all her days.

◼ If you’re a child of God, you’re worth more than Jezebel and should live in the consciousness of who you are, that is ‘a, daughter of the King of glory.’ Your lifestyle should reflect the kingdom you operate from—one who knows her space. 

When people of other kingdoms choose to go naked by showing their cleavage, their thighs, wearing see-through dresses in the name of fashion, thereby slaying men into seduction and immoral practices and singing the chorus, God looks at the heart.

As a princess from the Kingdom of the King of kings, you should be aware that decency is a way of life. Daughters of this Kingdom don’t slay men into sin but slay and counter the spirit that leads men into sin. The Holy Spirit of God will never lead a man into soul destruction.

Covering is for glory, not for fashion. There is no glory in nakedness.

◼ There were no circumstances that got Jezebel perplexed. She was a woman of devilish wisdom, skill, and confidence. She knew what to do at all times. 

If Jezebel could possess all these, then daughters of God much more. Being a true daughter of the Kingdom of God, one of the things you shouldn’t lack is Wisdom. Wisdom is essential for living. Whatever you do and say without knowledge, you will live a frustrated and regretful life.

◼ The words of encouragement and hope Jezebel fed her husband, the king, are something to emulate. She was her husband’s best friend. He could do absolutely nothing without her.

King Ahab had nothing to fear or worry about because of his wife’s presence in his life. He safely trusted her, and her words gave him hope, courage, and a future.

How encouraging are your words to your husband, dear wife? Do you speak without taking his feelings into cognizance? 

Can your husband safely confide in you without getting scolded?

Are you a treasure of wisdom to him, or does he see you as a foolish woman because of how you act or speak?

◼ She could never be intimidated or feel threatened by anyone or anything. Instead, she was a threat to everyone. The firebrand prophet Elijah ran for his life and desired death.

Dear Daughters of God, the Spirit of God in you is the Spirit of boldness and power. Nothing and no one should ever intimidate you. The life of God that you possess should counter every threat of the devil or man.

Princesses of the King of glory are a threat and intimidation to the other kingdom.

God is raising Daughters who will threaten and intimidate the daughters of Jezebel by their lifestyle.

You can be one.

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