Use Me or Get Used

As a teenage girl, she was very jovial, neat, funny, a goal getter and very intelligent. No dull moment with her. How she constantly wears a smile amazes me. I don’t think I have ever seen her wear a frown.

I have observed her closely and admired her a lot. I bumped into her one of the days and asked her what she does in the general library everyday after school hours. She replied “to read newspapers for 2hours, learn and know things using the school internet.”

I was wowed.

As a teenager, she utilized her 24 hours judiciously. Her study time wasn’t her chatting or movie time. You can refer to her as a daughter of Issachar, who knew times and seasons.

Today, her sacrifices have paid off. She has worked in two of the four biggest and notable auditing firms in the world. She is now presently well placed in a big company.

Her hard-work paid off indeed.

The book of Ecclesiates 3:1: To every thing there is a season, and a time to every purpose under the heaven.

Oh! how the internet has bettered the life of youngsters both physically and spiritually, who have decided to ignore the pleasure of social media and lead a focused life.

The internet is crying out to you to be used. It has two offers: good and bad.

What you do with the internet at this stage of your life determines how your life will be. It’s your choice. Being on a social media platform is not the issue but what you do there, as that can make or mar you.

Get connected with great minds and ask questions on the steps you need to greatness.

To avoid being used tomorrow, then use the internet for things that will profit you spiritually and physically.

Don’t forget you’re not too young to rule and there is time for everything.

This life is lived once.

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