The Power of the Tongue

One of his biggest blessings was the gift of his Pastor. His Pastor was not just a Pastor to him but a father he never had, brother and friend. His Pastor was always present in his life like his family. The Pastor was so loved and cherished because of his sacrifices, love, honesty, humility and passion for God.

The relationship between both families grew stronger by day. Years after, the Pastor was called to glory. He was devastated at the demise of his Pastor who was like a father figure to him. Tears were his food night and day. His emotions took over him and his tongue especially.

Everyday, he would say “what is life? what am I living for? life is not worth it again.” He repeatedly confessed and rehearsed those words. He couldn’t be comforted because he refused to be comforted by The Holy Spirit.

Less than 3 weeks he was involved in an accident and died. Leaving his young beautiful wife and his son behind. In less than 2 years, the wife couldn’t bear the loss and passed on.

Lessons learnt;

  • Indeed, there is power in the tongue.
  • Not all deaths or misfortunes are God’s will. Some are as a result of our choices.
  • Control your emotions and tongue in your moments of excitement or pain. As difficult as it could be, always pray that God helps you.

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