When God Sleeps

We often hear this: when there is life, there is hope.

Have you ever been hopeful on a thing and so sure about the result but it turned out negative? Disappointed I guess, will be an under-statement. The right adjective to describe it is Sick. You feel sick.

If care is not taken the word hope may even upset you at the mention of it.

In your disappointment, did you try finding out why your hope was drowned? Or you have believed in the saying “you don’t question God?”

Who told you that, God or man?

Well, God is not a man and he doesn’t think like a man.

In the days of old, Abraham having obeyed God and expecting an immediate reward but never saw it coming, asked God a question in Genesis 15:2-3.

God being compassionate and understanding gave an answer to his question in Genesis 15:4.

The disciples of our Lord Jesus Christ asked Him questions from time to time and He answered (Matthew 18:1-4, Matthew 18:21-22, John 9:2-5 and Mark 13:1-37) . Even questions asked by sinners were answered (Luke 10:25-37, Mark 10:17-21 and Matthew 19:3-9).

Despite the delay, God was still interested in Abraham, hoping, on Him.

You would have told God what you want and how you want it to be fulfilled but He’s still quiet. Perhaps your wants are not your needs or He’s waiting on the perfect time or He’s delaying your requests so as to build patience in you.

Because without patience you cannot walk with God nor receive your reward (Hebrews 10:36).

God knows that our wants are not really the answer to our needs, hence the silence and disappointment (like we may call it).

As you hope, God wants you to continue to persist. As you persist in hope, request He grants you your needs if what you’ve asked is a want that is not needed.

Our wants when granted can lead to frustration, hence He desires to give us our needs.

Never lose hope

Keep hope alive

When hope seems far

Ask your Maker for hope

He’ll always give hope to the hopeless

If disappointed

Wait! Something better than you hoped for will greet you shortly.



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